Thursday, December 8, 2011

What the HELL is wrong with this country???

Firefighters stand by and watch a family’s home and memories burn to the ground over a seventy-five dollar unpaid fee. The absurdity of that should boggle the minds of any reasonable, quasi-intelligent human being.

Eleven year old boys are hanging themselves rather than endure yet another day of torture at the hands of their peers. Yes you read that right. Hanging themselves. No child should ever be made to feel so badly about themselves that they resort to such a horrific “solution”. And no parent should ever have to find their child like that.

Mothers are killing their babies, whether accidentally or intentionally, so they can go out and party instead of doing the job God entrusted them with. Many then get away with it! They murder their flesh and blood for a night out on the town and then they get away with it!!!! WHAT???? That is ludicrous!!!

And then there is this bit of brilliance (sarcasm intended)... this is one that raises my blood pressure through the roof…

On March 2nd 2011 the Supreme Court ruled that hateful protests at military funerals are protected under the First Amendment. These protests may include signs with vile messages such as “Thank God for Dead Soldiers”, “God is America’s Terror” and “God Hates Your Tears”. But hey, it’s ok. The First Amendment protects their right to voice their opinion. You want to know what I have to say to that??

F**K that.

I don’t give a rat’s patootie about their First Amendment rights. What about the family of the fallen soldier?? What about their rights?? Do they not have a right to mourn their loved one in private?? Are their rights not violated when they are faced, on one of the worst days of their lives, with these vile sub-humans and their detestable signs??

No matter your opinion on “the war”, our soldiers deserve nothing less than our full support and respect. While everyone is entitled to an opinion and I respect that. And I accept that others may not have the same value system and beliefs as I do. And whether I agree with them, or find their opinion vile and heinous, I support their right to voice that opinion… in a proper venue and at the proper time.

A funeral, any funeral, but most certainly the funeral of one of our fallen soldiers, is NOT a proper venue!! Period.

I do find some solace in that these so called Christians make themselves look like such world class dickheads; and that the lot of them can’t have more than a few working brain cells between them; that most intelligent people see them for what they are. And I, an intelligent person, have a suggestion for them….

How about you shove your obnoxious signs up your uptight asses and then kindly remove your revolting selves from the planet earth?

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